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Industrial Power Transmission Products Distributor
Gates is the world's largest manufacturer of power transmission belts for problem solving applications. Gates product line covers heavy-duty and light-duty belts, and products for specialty drives.
Gates Tri-Power® and Super HC molded notch belts now feature a special Vextra® construction that increases service life up to 33% by eliminating the stretch and elongation problems associated with most other V-belts.

The “Workhorse”: Gates Poly Chain® GT®2 Drive System
PolyChain GT2 Workhorse Poly Chain GT2 drives are guaranteed to outperform and outmuscle roller chain and high-performance rubber belt synchronous systems -- at a lower overall service lifetime cost per drive.

Gates newest and most powerful synchronous belt, Poly Chain GT2, is ideally suited for low-speed (below 500 rpm), high torque industrial applications. This improved belt features a polyurethane body with a robust aramid fiber tensile cord and new nylon tooth facing --improvements that enable increased load-carrying capacity.

Size for size, space for space, the Poly Chain GT2 belt transmits up to 30 percent more power than its predecessor. It also permits the design of more compact, lighter weight drives that deliver more power in less space than any other belt drive system available.

The total drive solution

PolyChain GT2 Workhorse Poly Chain GT2 belt drive systems feature a new line of Taper-Lock® sprockets and bushings that have been redesigned to carry the new increased belt power ratings. The system uses less space than conventional sprockets and sheaves. In comparison with most competitive drives (roller chain or rubber), Poly Chain GT2 belt drives are as little as one-half the width and 50 percent lighter. Yet, they can deliver over five times more horsepower than standard rubber synchronous systems in the same space. Savings like these in space and weight allow for wide latitudes in design flexibility.

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